Pathfinder Opinion Research

How We Do It

We utilize an array of data collection methodologies and sophisticated statistical techniques to create a research plan that fits clients’ strategic needs. With the design and execution of over a thousand surveys, focus groups, and modeling projects under our belts, we know how to get the most out of the numbers and make the data tell a story that will guide your organization to success.

Quantitative Research

  • Live interviewer telephone surveys
  • Cell phone surveys
  • Web, email, and mobile surveys
  • Mixed mode surveys
  • Bilingual and multilingual surveys
  • Quantitative ad testing
  • Advanced statistical modeling and microtargeting (CHAID, CART, cluster, factor, regression analysis, etc.)

Qualitative Research

  • In-person focus groups
  • Online moderated focus groups
  • In-depth one-on-one interviews
  • Online ad testing
  • Moderated online message boards
  • Mixed mode panel studies

Strategic Consulting

Our expertise utilizing the various tools and methodologies of conducting opinion research allows us to gain a rich understanding of the groups of people who are important to our client organizations. But our real value is turning these new insights into a strategic plan for success. We do more than conduct public opinion research – we help our clients find a path to reach their goals successfully. This means working closely with our clients after we conduct research to develop a strategic plan based on our data, and to make sure that the plan is implemented throughout the organization.